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Breed Tees & Sweatshirts

Breed Tees & Sweatshirts
Choose your tee with your favorite "buddy". Images measure approximately 5 in. x 5 in. We design the BREED NAME within the silhouette of the dog.

We can PERSONALIZE the tee with your dog's name embroidered UNDERNEATH the breed silhouette. There is a $5.00 additional charge for this personalization.

The quality tees are made of 100% preshrunk ultra cotton (6.1oz). They can be ordered in either unisex or ladies sizes.

Bearded Collie - Embroidered
Soft Wheaten Terrier Std Pose
Siberian Husky - Embroidered
Border Collie Std Pose
West Highland Terrier Std Pose
Norweigan Elkhound Std Pose
Papillon - Embroidered
Welsh Springer Spaniel Std Pose
Dachshund Std Pose
Gordon Setter Std Pose
Sheltie Embroidered Shirt
Golden Retriever Std Pose
Jack Russell Std Pose
Bichon Frise Std Pose
Labrador Retriever Std Pose
Beagle - Standard Pose
German Shepherd - Agility Pose
Norweigan Elkhound - Agility Pose
Australian Cattle - Agility Pose
Boston Terrier - Agility Pose
Sheltie - Agility Pose
Alaskan Malamute
Beagle - Agility Pose
Manchester Terrier - Agility Pose
Chinese Crested
Labrador Agility Pose
German Shorthair Pointer - Agility Pose
Norweigan Elkhound Agility Pose 2
Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd Agility Pose
Jack Russell - Agility Pose
Corgi Agility Pose
Border Collie Agility Pose
French Bulldog
Brittany Spaniel Agility Pose
Clumber Spaniel
Doberman Agility Pose
Brittany Spaniel Std Pose
American Staffordshire Std Pose
Basset Hound Agitity Pose
Basset Hound Std Pose
Cairn Terrier Std Pose
Dalmatian Std Pose
English Springer Spaniel Std Pose
German Shorthair Pointer Std Pose
Golden Retriever Agility Pose
German Shepherd Std Pose
Cocker Spaniel (American) Std Pose
Pitbull Std Pose
Rhodesian Ridgeback Std Pose
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Std Pose
PBGV Standard Pose
Boston Terrier Std Pose
Bernese Mountain Dog Std Pose
Pyrennes Shepherd Std Pose
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Std Pose
Portugese Water Dog - Std Pose
Portugese Water Dog - Std Pose 2
Rottweiler Std Pose
Rottweiler Agility Pose
Australian Cattledog Std Pose
Poodle - Agility Pose
Greyhound Standing Pose


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